I haven't had time to write a blog because I've been doing a lot of research and reading. I've been waiting for Vampire Academy to hit the movies.  i really loved the books and i really thought that a movie would be made; but i guess they're waiting to after Twilight to finish before they have another Vampire movie out.  but to think that maybe they should have a Werewolf series would be nice too.

in the event that i am bored out of my mind i would search the Internet for books and movies and things to watch on TV.  i discovered a whole new world out there threw my phone and an application called Wattpad. After first I'm like OK it just another application that has books that you need to buy, but then it hit me that they're for FREE.  & to top that off they're not written like any books I've read that you get at the book store.  They might have spelling and grammar mistakes, but they're written so well that you just want to sink your teeth into them.  People keep telling to watch or read True Blood and i would love too; but i haven't had the time since i started with Wattpad.  It's like another world complete with everything i was looking for to get me out of this bubble of boredom...

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You'll be surprised at what you find and what you re missing out on i thought i share the like of library with you on my page and you can go to the main site for here to search for what you want to read they have everything and you wont be disappointed & it will deft keep you out of trouble & boredom check it out!