You know sometime you just want things to change for the better not to make your life frustrating.

it usually take me 10-15 to change my layouts here on blogger, but since they updated to chrome they go rid of the feature where you can change the layout from XML template.  all you had to do was go back to the older version of blogger go to change template; go to design; change xml and zip a de do da day and browse and upload.  those were the 2 key words that were missing from the processing.  if you have done this before you know what i'm talking about if not they I'm speaking computer and language which you can familiarize with by going to to the help function to searching online on how to change layouts. 

My other problem is deciding which layout i want that take days if not weeks to figure out so i just chose this template which had the background, colors and fonts are ready set with the xml file attached so i don't have to mess with all that stuff.   Now all I have to do is searching online download templates and upload them and change some of the other function on the page to make it look at pretty.  its pretty simple once you know what you want, hearts, flowers, beach or a nice cafe with a cup of tea on the table.  i like to like of life as being simple as a cup of tea and if you want to add more sugar and spice its really up to you ... 

FACEBOOK - changes in pages, likes, securities & layouts.
I recent signed up last week to get reconnect with my family in Egypt since they don't bother to pick up the phone and call or e-mail me from time to time; but now that im back now FB made so many changes i feel like i need a FB book for dummies called layouts, pages, likes, etc. everything you need to know about the (foolish) changes we made. 

i must have spent over 3 days unliking stuff i really didn't want to like so it wouldn't show up on my main page; then i had to make a list of friends so i can view them as 1 page to see what their status was or if i wanted to comment or contact them and just say hi.  when i open FB its like this endless commercial for crap.
and the way people can contact you now matter how much security you put on it so no one can find you as long as you're friends with someone they can still find you so you have to unfriend people to keep from people finding you because even though you have a block on yourself your friend doesn't have a block on their list or their friends and its like zap they just find you if they were looking.

i have a feeling I'm going to de-activative FB if it causes me any trouble but i really like to be able to see my cousins in Egypt and look at their pictures and stuff and i don't even check every hour or play the games any more like i use to i just check it 1 or 2 a day to see what my families doing and to say hi to the people that matter; read the news and go about my day.  

I'm not there to meet people because i feel people can be fake and i rather see people in person to get a feel of what they're like.  beside my kids keep me busy enough i don't have time to myself.  when i do have time i just want to spend it with husband and run away to the place we cant get too right now that the bed & sleep. 
all i need in life is my husband, my kids and good book with a nice cup of tea... 

until next time hope this has helped.  I'll try to update again soon once i get a new topic...