Tyrese's book actually exceeded my expectations. Very informative, made me laugh & cry; had me at the edge of my seat. It made me want to pick up the phone & call him, bec I have so many questions about his childhood & the school system. I have a daughter that's 3 (going in 15) that has the same ADHD or ADD, which I think is another way of not dealing with the problem. & I always thought only boys had this problem & not girls. After reading that the chapters about his childhood I found I was making a lot of mistakes. I found that my child doesn't have a problem, I found that it’s me & I need to treat her different. I need to show her she not a bad kid, she doesn't need to go to a special school or class for her (energy) or (temper). I know I will keep her in the program for another year, just so the teachers don't have to deal with it, but once I get her in kindergarten I will tell them she's a good kid & she should be treated like one. I've seen bad kids & I know I have to start when she's young & tell her she's a good & wonderful kid bec if she hears that maybe she'll believe in herself enough to do the right thing.

This book should be given to everyone you hold dear to your heart and soul. I wish I can buy it & just hand them out to people I meet; people I feel like they need a step in the right direction and just need some enlighten. I've been telling so many people to buy it & they all say the same thing, I can’t find it at the store; or I want to but I'm in the middle of another book I need to finish; it’s the same thing I read before.... but I tell them it’s not & it’s a great book you won't be disappointed, but even if they do buy u want them to read it & start making positive changes their life the next minute. I'm sure they will & I need to get a few to give to my kids teachers & discuss it with my daughter therapist(s). just the chapters about the school system & who they come up with a diagnosis as ADHD or ADD. I never knew that other people out they had it so hard going up, but I've realized we all want what we can't have, but now there’s a way to change that.... I haven’t read the book in a few days to let it sink in and read other books to my kids; but I definitely want to finish it. I’m just hoping for many more books from him and hope he has the courage to keep writing, because a lot of people will want to read what he has to say.

Tyrese thank you for making me take a hard look at myself. My Allah bless you & always watch over you & keep you safe. accomplishments. Much love and respect.

(they (Amazon) wouldnt let me comment on the book because i didnt purchase online; so i decided to write a review myself in my blog).