Adjustment Bureau (2011) The Movie

Is there really an AB, there's really know way know for sure.  however, i have come to realize that i need to balance everything I do between NEEDING and WANTING.  

This movie is about the plan their plan; and the person(s) in the plan not having control.  Everything happens by chance or fate.  What is Chance, who is Chance? Fate?
After watching the movie this link below became more clear to me.

I have listen to my heart & recognize the whispers.  Hear what they have to say.  But also at the same time to rational my needs with what I want.  I will always want a new pair of shoes, but I need them. Same thing for handbag, makeup, clothes, etc.  

I also learned to see things and also watch out for things. I spend a lot of time at work and I always just sit there and sit and watch, without responding.  I does take a lot of practice to see what going on around me but I’ve been working in the same place for 10 years & 10 hours a day you begin to see a pattern and instead of clashing with my boss(es) or co-workers I become very submissive.  In my eyes this is probably the strongest attribute I have because the attentive would be to insist on not working there by causing me to lose my job & losing my job is not an option I would like to see happen to me.  People might say I’m weak because I don't stand up to my bosses when we all feel like they can be pushing me around for no reason; but again you have to stop and think what’s really going on? Is it important for me to aggressive just so I can have a strong personality at work (risk losing my job at any given moment) or just be a busy little bee and just get the work done?  Either way, being submissive isn’t such a bad thing when that can just mean I’m great to work with & a team player.

But at the same time I do the same thing at home; but I defiantly need more practice but kids are very unpredictable.  I mostly comprise when it come to kids and things that happen at home.  I don't do it because I need to I do it because I want to do it.  It's the easiest way to solve the  problems that will develop when the kids fight over toys, when it come to eating, going to sleep by 8pm or even 9pm, etc. 

At the same time I know what I should be doing I just find it hard to make a move because I feel like something else is in the room pulling the strings.  Almost every night me & the kids fight about going to sleep. I always tell them it’s time; their reaction is to stay up even later.  I wonder  if that's nature way of saying they slept too long at school there’s no way they’re going to sleep until their tired.  But what can you do….

 I can talk about the kids & home life all day long.  The important thing I’m trying to talk about is to listen to your heart; but you need to open your eyes and mind to see what’s happening around you, & also at the same time find what makes you happy….

Good Luck