Chrissy and Somaya Battle At Sea!

In this clip Somaya manger (tattoo) uses the word “TRIFLING
Let me start by saying I love Chrissy Emily & Olivia after ep 4
I'm trying 2 understand, if Somaya…

Never ever us the word “TRIFLING”.  I dont care if you mean well; but that word in itself is just insulting.  Even i wanted to jump out of seat and choke him out; but Chrissy has class and tried to understand the
circumstances and talk to them. No matter what that word is not a nice word and beside that the way he said it sparked tha fight. Even after that they meet again and tried to work things out but yet again Somaya choose to fight with Olivia yet I feel Olivia did nothing wrong.  i tried to attach the click but you have to check it out on VH1.

Somaya never should have gotta angry or talked to Chrissy.  She should take time out hear what she has to say.  I really feel like Chrissy heart is in the right place; but she’s very smart and uses her head and not heart.  A thing we should learn from her because she’s a hard as b!tch.  something I wish I can be & say what’s on my mind instead always worry about what people are going to think or how they feel.  They need to hear the truth and if they cant handle it then f them, Right?

this is Somayas perfomance.  & i really like the song; but again listen & tell me what you think (before the fight).  the rest of the show is great i just love everything about it.  i have to keep watching and share with you my thoughts at a later time.

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