Natural Home Remedies

Ginger Powder             Peppermint                   Sandalwood                  Honey
Grape                           Clove                           Cinnamon                      Lavender                      
Baby Oil                       Green Tea                    Black Tea                     Apple Juice

Now the list above is all the things i use to treat my migraine; they do not get rid of them.  i'm going to explain what i do with them. 

I would start to buy some at the stores or online that just say headache remedy.  After I while I just to feed up with buying them that I had to make my own. I started using ginger and lavender in combination with baby oil that I would make to create a massage oil to rub on my temples.  I would just start with fresh ginger boil with fresh lavender in baby oil on a very low flame or even just add the ginger & lavender and let it sit for a few days.  After I got experimental I would add sandalwood and pepper mint or mint.  I’m sure you guys already what I’m talking about and have experimenting with different flowers & plants to see what works.

I also discovered drinking them also creates a somewhat uplifting feeling.
I use green tea or black tea as my base add ginger, pepper mint sandalwood and cinnamon. Then I would only add 1 at time and see which one is the best; for me ginger worked the best.  The baby oil is used a base to create the massages and the teas are a base to create the drink.  
Then if you dry any of the items and drink or eat them or even sprinkle on the food.  I also discovered something else I wasn't trying to do.

On days when I wouldn't have the cinnamon I could tell the difference because the cinnamon also helps you lose weight. Now I’m not trying to find the weight loss treatment, but in the process I found many.  And I was losing weight just by drinking & eating these tonics.  You can google & search just by typing in word migraine & pick any of the other words.

With every over the counter or prescription medication there is always a side effect.
Side effects include, but are not limited to the following:
Dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, headache.

The list below are the treatment options I was told to use in combination of relieving stress, eating right and taking any of the following to help treat my migraines.

Over the Counter - Meds
Excedrin Migraine                    Aleve                    Tylenol                                     
Bayer                                         Bufferin                 Ecotrin

Prescription - Meds
Frova (rovatriptan)                    Imitrex (sumatriptan)                   Zomig (zolmitriptan)            

Other that I have not tried
Amerge (aratriptan)                      Maxalt  (izatriptan)
Axert  (lmotriptan)                        Relpax


i thought i share this video with you, because its import to relief the tenderness; hurting; pain; tenderness; ache 
and throbbing threw a nice massage. 

Trying these medications listed above only gave me some relief but it has not stopped the migraine from coming.  I think the only reason why I don't get them so much is because of the natural treatments I have created for myself and because my brain cannot handle all that pain.  I think the reason why I get them is because it’s just naturally also and part of life and my life is very stressful.  I’m not going to go into that because I know you all have the same situations.  We just have to understand what the problem is and try to figure out how to solve it and if you don't come up with a explanation, you have to keep trying….

More to come, i welcome all your comments.