It came to my attention when so many people kept telling me I look good, I didn't realize that I lost so much weight.  the reason(s) why i lost so much weight was because i was trying to fight my migraine headaches and recently discovered that drinking green tea & ginger help the craving + i was following what Dr. Oz said about watching what you eat.

I would also drink hot water with nothing in it so stop my head from hurting; but it would fill me up so i didn't feel the need to eat.  but also when you have a headache you're not hungry your just in pain.  I starting adding green tea, ginger, honey & lemon - sugar.  I would drink this all day long 2-5 cups from 9am - 5pm then when i got home i would just have ginger and hot water.  I found that drinking this would help with my headache and i wouldn’t be in so much pain.  i would also take Excedrin but that didn’t work all the time & when I would have my tea I needed to use Excedrin less.  However, my headaches really never stop coming i would still get them from time to time; but the good thing is i was losing weight in the process.

If you are familiar with Dr. Oz you know he taught people to eat right and eat healthy.  Jamie Oliver is also very helpful.  i find that even watch their show(s), reading their website(s) has trained my brain to follow the information that it stored away at a later time.  i know dieting is hard and that's why i wanted to share with you my secrets; but at the same time also remember that everybody is different and you need to start the process slow for your body to adjust and also see if you are losing weight.  

If you start gaining weight you need to figure out what you're doing wrong.  if you drink cold water and ginger it helps with the headaches; but you won’t be fill and end up eating to much bec your body will feel hungrier.  You have to remember that the cold water is digested easy and that you won’t feel full. And that hot water is harder for the body to process so it needs to cool down before it can be digested and in that process if you eat foods that help you lose weight you'll be fill for a longer period of time there by not over eating and you'll be eating healthier.

this is what i do:

Drink 4-8 oz of hot tap water before brushing my teeth  (7am -9am)

(or after but the bacteria in your month helps you lose weight.  i don’t know how i know this but i could have swore I read it somewhere and when i did this a couple of times i did notice a difference in being hungry. i was less hungry when i didn’t brush my teeth)

16 oz of coffee any flavor i add pepper mint and ginger (9am - 11am)
this i drink slowly; but i have microwave at work so i warm it up if it to
cold or start over and use a smaller cup

you can have a light snack at this time 11am - 1pm

however i usually just have 8 oz of hot water with or without anything in it but some time i put ginger or peppermint

right before i eat i have 8 oz of hot water then i usually have a salad and sprinkle ginger powder with light dressing mostly just oil & vinegar. (1pm - 3pm). But you can eat whatever you want at this time because all that water and ginger should help you digest this quickly and you’re also less likely to finish whatever it is you want to eat.  

then i have another cup of coffee to wake up but i use a light or medium strength with pepper mint, then 2 more 8 oz cup of hot water before i leave (3pm - 5pm)
notice how i don’t have a burger and fries; and other fatty foods.

The important thing to almost remember is make a list of foods you want to eat for the week.

write them down and when you eat them cross them off your list.  That way if you want a buger & fries you can have it and add a extra 8 oz cup of hot water it will burn off (make you go to the bathroom) & you can try to replace it with something else like carrot and celery with ranch dip.

You also have to experiment with food.  find the food you like that help you lost weight.
I thing I forgot to mention is dividing up your foods. We usually have 3 meals a day for the first week try splitting those meals to 4 without added any extra food and eating smaller portions.  Then your 3 week you should be having 5 meals a day. The way to divide that up is to have 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, snack, then dinner again just eating smaller portions.  I don't know who invented 3 or 5 course meals but that’s what you have to take out.  Also remember that your stomach is the size of your hand; so if you can buy some extra measuring cups and mean cups you’re going to need ½ cup and 1 cup measuring cuts and that how you eat smaller portions.  You want some salad, chicken and rice for a meal.  Remember to have 1 cup of chicken ½ of salad and ½ cup of rice; if you still hungry drink a glass of hot tap water you want flavor add ginger or mint and kind of mint.  You can also do a Google search "lose weight foods" and you will find many recipes.  Please also check out Dr. Oz and Jamie’s website they have a load of information that help you eat healthy and lose weight; but the important is; is to save yourself not really lose the weight.

i don’t want to tell you what to eat or what not to eat; i just want to inform you of what worked for me and how just adding hot water to your meals will help you drop off some extra weight you've carrying around.

Things to remember once you start to feel sick; so down the process just have 1 8 oz cup of hot water a day then gradually add another cup.  try it for a week with just 1 cup, then add another cup for 2 weeks and so on.  & weight yourself every couple of days count your calories and just too see if you can eat less or something bad and more of something good.

I will add the website on the side and wish you the best of luck & please email me if you have any questions
happy eating. :-)