The main reason why I picked this movie to discuss is because have been trying to figure out how to get rid of my migraine headaches.  I suffer for about every 2 days and then when I get my period for 5 days straight.  I’ve come to realize that I can’t stop them from coming only lessen the pain or try to stop them from happening; but once they start I just have to deal with the pain.

Then this movie comes along & now I’m thinking maybe I’ve looking at trying to get rid of my migraine by dealing with the pain; but when I should be dealing with why I get them and if I do that they maybe I’ll stop them from happening.  However, as I watch the movie I realize that I’m wasting my time treating my headache when I should be trying to develop a way to use my brain more; think better, faster be able to remember stuff quicker, turn my brain into a super power computer..

You should watch the movie & really think about it. I left the trailer there for you watch.
You should watch the movie before you read on because I might give away most or all of the what happens; but below is just my expression of & thoughts.  Feel free to comment or disagree; it all about just having fun and expression oneself.

I know after watching the trailer you're going to go and watch it and when you do you're going to be amazed, confused, jumping for joy, then disappointed.

The reason for your amazement is how do I use this pill to benefit myself & my family or friends? In the beginning of the movie Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is down on his luck trying to finish writing a book that he’s been working on but developed a case of writer block.  He run into an old buddy that wants to help him; but little does he know he helps in a big big way.
His buddy Vernon gives him an experimental drug (NZT) that allows him to use 100% of his brain.

Can you image being about to use 100% of your brain? & that's where the story takes place & I don't want to give it away but later I will discuss the ending and what I would do if I was able to use 100% of my brain…

When you watch the movie you’ll understand why I was confused. I mostly confused and how to use the pill; what he did with it and why he gave it to a drug dealer.  I think certain events in the movie happen and then they have a positive effect. Or when did he decide to do these things was he taking the pill or was he off the pill, etc.  So many questions, but so few answer.

the reason for the disappointment is because you'll probably feel like me.

But you have to remember if a fictional movie; if the pill really existed how would life be different for us?  be better? be worse?

Robert De Niro & Abbie Cornish are also in this movie and they really make the movie that much more exciting.  I love the movie from start to finish; but was just torn up about not being able to use my brain more or get my hands on that pill. 

More to Come.