Chrissy and Somaya Battle At Sea!

In this clip Somaya manger (tattoo) uses the word “TRIFLING
Let me start by saying I love Chrissy Emily & Olivia after ep 4
I'm trying 2 understand, if Somaya…

Never ever us the word “TRIFLING”.  I dont care if you mean well; but that word in itself is just insulting.  Even i wanted to jump out of seat and choke him out; but Chrissy has class and tried to understand the
circumstances and talk to them. No matter what that word is not a nice word and beside that the way he said it sparked tha fight. Even after that they meet again and tried to work things out but yet again Somaya choose to fight with Olivia yet I feel Olivia did nothing wrong.  i tried to attach the click but you have to check it out on VH1.

Somaya never should have gotta angry or talked to Chrissy.  She should take time out hear what she has to say.  I really feel like Chrissy heart is in the right place; but she’s very smart and uses her head and not heart.  A thing we should learn from her because she’s a hard as b!tch.  something I wish I can be & say what’s on my mind instead always worry about what people are going to think or how they feel.  They need to hear the truth and if they cant handle it then f them, Right?

this is Somayas perfomance.  & i really like the song; but again listen & tell me what you think (before the fight).  the rest of the show is great i just love everything about it.  i have to keep watching and share with you my thoughts at a later time.

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These foods have been identified as headache and migraine trigger
First the list then the explanation below:

Peanuts, peanut butter, other nuts and seeds                       Pizza (because of the cheese(s))
Potato chip products                                                          Chicken livers and other organ meats
Smoked or dried fish
Sourdough bread, fresh baked yeast goods (donuts, cakes, homemade breads, and rolls)
Bread, crackers, and desserts containing cheese
Certain fresh fruits including ripe bananas, citrus fruits, papaya, red plums, raspberries, kiwi, pineapple
Dried fruits (figs, raisins, dates)
Soups made from meat extracts or bouillon (not homemade broth)
Cultured dairy products, sour cream, buttermilk, yogurt
Caffeine found in chocolate and cocoa; beverages such as coffee,
tea and colas; also found in certain medications (Excedrin)
Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners (sweet & low, equal).

Now looking at the list above I’m going to talk about the foods that I eat the most Chocolate, Cheese, Peanut Butter Bananas, Raspberries, Pizza, Coffee, Tea.  I eat these items in combination to help me lose weight on top of that they taste so good.  I don't know if you girls have trouble stopping eating Chocolate (Snicker, M&M, Twix, Reese’s Kit Kat).  I can go on for a long time and I want you to remember the list not to eat them.  Looking at the list I think you should cut down as much as possible and look for other Chocolate alternatives.  But I also love Peanuts or Peanut Butter & Caramel.  I haven’t anything that can replace Chocolate, so what I do is drink lots of water or try to avoid it as much as possible.  Whatever you do don't eat anything before you go to sleep especially Chocolate or anything that contains Chocolate.  I did this analysis where I would have Chocolate chip cookies before bed and I would wake up 3 hours later with a massive headache.  So the Caffeine in the Chocolate is what trigger my headaches. 

I tend to eat peanut butter & grape, blueberry or strawberry jam to stay on a budget and help me stay fill so I don't eat so much junk.  But I found that if I drink hot water with ginger I won’t get a headache I have to drink about 2 cups for every 1 sandwich and I was good to go + I the ginger also help lose weight don't know how but with my body I don't but on any excess fat.

This list below helps lessen headache and helps you lose weight too..

Peppermint                                      Cayenne pepper
Ginger (more on ginger here),           Fish and fish oil
Oatmeal                                           Wheat                                                 
Foods rich in magnesium, such as spinach &
Foods rich in calcium such as spinach, broccoli and kale

Water                 this is the cheapest and may be most reliable food to cure headache. I drink lots of water hot mostly because it takes the body some time to process it to cold then to oxygen.

Ginkgo biloba     it is a medicinal plant. The leaves and the seeds contain some flavonoid glycosides. 

Banana               if you suffer from constant headache, you should include a banana in your breakfast every day. High magnesium concentration in bananas will help is successful cure of headache.

Lemonade           a glass of lemonade or fresh lime juice with high concentration of salt can cure severe headache almost instantly. Intake of salt is not generally persuaded. But in case of headache, it acts like magic.

Coffee                a strong cup of coffee can help you if you are suffering from severe headache. 

Tea                     tea contains tannin. For the same reason, a strong cup of tea will also cure headache.

Apple                 denuded and seed free pieces of apples, each morning in your breakfast will definitely cure stress related headache. Apples contain bioflavonoids which help in reduction of blood pressure and thus reducing the incidence of headache.

Black pepper      either in powdered form or mixed with vegetables, it can cure headache. Black pepper contains capsaicin and it can increase the threshold level for headache.

Infusion drinks    herbal infusion drink can also do wonder. Mix some basil leaves and ginger pieces in boiling water. Let it boil for 5-7 minutes. Sift the water into a cup. Add 1 tsp of honey. Drink it warm. You will feel better. Antioxidants, selenium, magnesium and vitamins will help your body to rejuvenate instantly.

Milk                   warm milk has a soothing effect over our nervous system. For a nagging headache, you can take a glassful of milk whether hot or cold with do the trick.

If you have a really bad headache I would not recommend taking more caffeine you need to get some sleep to help relieve the pressure I would suggest sleep or staying in a shower with steam and add some peppermint oil or fresh or even dry peppermint and sit for 5-10 minutes to open up the passages and sooth away the pressure. If you have music handy play rain forest music with bird chipping and just think of nothing just relax.
It came to my attention when so many people kept telling me I look good, I didn't realize that I lost so much weight.  the reason(s) why i lost so much weight was because i was trying to fight my migraine headaches and recently discovered that drinking green tea & ginger help the craving + i was following what Dr. Oz said about watching what you eat.

I would also drink hot water with nothing in it so stop my head from hurting; but it would fill me up so i didn't feel the need to eat.  but also when you have a headache you're not hungry your just in pain.  I starting adding green tea, ginger, honey & lemon - sugar.  I would drink this all day long 2-5 cups from 9am - 5pm then when i got home i would just have ginger and hot water.  I found that drinking this would help with my headache and i wouldn’t be in so much pain.  i would also take Excedrin but that didn’t work all the time & when I would have my tea I needed to use Excedrin less.  However, my headaches really never stop coming i would still get them from time to time; but the good thing is i was losing weight in the process.

If you are familiar with Dr. Oz you know he taught people to eat right and eat healthy.  Jamie Oliver is also very helpful.  i find that even watch their show(s), reading their website(s) has trained my brain to follow the information that it stored away at a later time.  i know dieting is hard and that's why i wanted to share with you my secrets; but at the same time also remember that everybody is different and you need to start the process slow for your body to adjust and also see if you are losing weight.  

If you start gaining weight you need to figure out what you're doing wrong.  if you drink cold water and ginger it helps with the headaches; but you won’t be fill and end up eating to much bec your body will feel hungrier.  You have to remember that the cold water is digested easy and that you won’t feel full. And that hot water is harder for the body to process so it needs to cool down before it can be digested and in that process if you eat foods that help you lose weight you'll be fill for a longer period of time there by not over eating and you'll be eating healthier.

this is what i do:

Drink 4-8 oz of hot tap water before brushing my teeth  (7am -9am)

(or after but the bacteria in your month helps you lose weight.  i don’t know how i know this but i could have swore I read it somewhere and when i did this a couple of times i did notice a difference in being hungry. i was less hungry when i didn’t brush my teeth)

16 oz of coffee any flavor i add pepper mint and ginger (9am - 11am)
this i drink slowly; but i have microwave at work so i warm it up if it to
cold or start over and use a smaller cup

you can have a light snack at this time 11am - 1pm

however i usually just have 8 oz of hot water with or without anything in it but some time i put ginger or peppermint

right before i eat i have 8 oz of hot water then i usually have a salad and sprinkle ginger powder with light dressing mostly just oil & vinegar. (1pm - 3pm). But you can eat whatever you want at this time because all that water and ginger should help you digest this quickly and you’re also less likely to finish whatever it is you want to eat.  

then i have another cup of coffee to wake up but i use a light or medium strength with pepper mint, then 2 more 8 oz cup of hot water before i leave (3pm - 5pm)
notice how i don’t have a burger and fries; and other fatty foods.

The important thing to almost remember is make a list of foods you want to eat for the week.

write them down and when you eat them cross them off your list.  That way if you want a buger & fries you can have it and add a extra 8 oz cup of hot water it will burn off (make you go to the bathroom) & you can try to replace it with something else like carrot and celery with ranch dip.

You also have to experiment with food.  find the food you like that help you lost weight.
I thing I forgot to mention is dividing up your foods. We usually have 3 meals a day for the first week try splitting those meals to 4 without added any extra food and eating smaller portions.  Then your 3 week you should be having 5 meals a day. The way to divide that up is to have 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, snack, then dinner again just eating smaller portions.  I don't know who invented 3 or 5 course meals but that’s what you have to take out.  Also remember that your stomach is the size of your hand; so if you can buy some extra measuring cups and mean cups you’re going to need ½ cup and 1 cup measuring cuts and that how you eat smaller portions.  You want some salad, chicken and rice for a meal.  Remember to have 1 cup of chicken ½ of salad and ½ cup of rice; if you still hungry drink a glass of hot tap water you want flavor add ginger or mint and kind of mint.  You can also do a Google search "lose weight foods" and you will find many recipes.  Please also check out Dr. Oz and Jamie’s website they have a load of information that help you eat healthy and lose weight; but the important is; is to save yourself not really lose the weight.

i don’t want to tell you what to eat or what not to eat; i just want to inform you of what worked for me and how just adding hot water to your meals will help you drop off some extra weight you've carrying around.

Things to remember once you start to feel sick; so down the process just have 1 8 oz cup of hot water a day then gradually add another cup.  try it for a week with just 1 cup, then add another cup for 2 weeks and so on.  & weight yourself every couple of days count your calories and just too see if you can eat less or something bad and more of something good.

I will add the website on the side and wish you the best of luck & please email me if you have any questions
happy eating. :-)

Natural Home Remedies

Ginger Powder             Peppermint                   Sandalwood                  Honey
Grape                           Clove                           Cinnamon                      Lavender                      
Baby Oil                       Green Tea                    Black Tea                     Apple Juice

Now the list above is all the things i use to treat my migraine; they do not get rid of them.  i'm going to explain what i do with them. 

I would start to buy some at the stores or online that just say headache remedy.  After I while I just to feed up with buying them that I had to make my own. I started using ginger and lavender in combination with baby oil that I would make to create a massage oil to rub on my temples.  I would just start with fresh ginger boil with fresh lavender in baby oil on a very low flame or even just add the ginger & lavender and let it sit for a few days.  After I got experimental I would add sandalwood and pepper mint or mint.  I’m sure you guys already what I’m talking about and have experimenting with different flowers & plants to see what works.

I also discovered drinking them also creates a somewhat uplifting feeling.
I use green tea or black tea as my base add ginger, pepper mint sandalwood and cinnamon. Then I would only add 1 at time and see which one is the best; for me ginger worked the best.  The baby oil is used a base to create the massages and the teas are a base to create the drink.  
Then if you dry any of the items and drink or eat them or even sprinkle on the food.  I also discovered something else I wasn't trying to do.

On days when I wouldn't have the cinnamon I could tell the difference because the cinnamon also helps you lose weight. Now I’m not trying to find the weight loss treatment, but in the process I found many.  And I was losing weight just by drinking & eating these tonics.  You can google & search just by typing in word migraine & pick any of the other words.

With every over the counter or prescription medication there is always a side effect.
Side effects include, but are not limited to the following:
Dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, headache.

The main reason why I picked this movie to discuss is because have been trying to figure out how to get rid of my migraine headaches.  I suffer for about every 2 days and then when I get my period for 5 days straight.  I’ve come to realize that I can’t stop them from coming only lessen the pain or try to stop them from happening; but once they start I just have to deal with the pain.

Then this movie comes along & now I’m thinking maybe I’ve looking at trying to get rid of my migraine by dealing with the pain; but when I should be dealing with why I get them and if I do that they maybe I’ll stop them from happening.  However, as I watch the movie I realize that I’m wasting my time treating my headache when I should be trying to develop a way to use my brain more; think better, faster be able to remember stuff quicker, turn my brain into a super power computer..

You should watch the movie & really think about it. I left the trailer there for you watch.
You should watch the movie before you read on because I might give away most or all of the what happens; but below is just my expression of & thoughts.  Feel free to comment or disagree; it all about just having fun and expression oneself.

I know after watching the trailer you're going to go and watch it and when you do you're going to be amazed, confused, jumping for joy, then disappointed.

The reason for your amazement is how do I use this pill to benefit myself & my family or friends? In the beginning of the movie Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is down on his luck trying to finish writing a book that he’s been working on but developed a case of writer block.  He run into an old buddy that wants to help him; but little does he know he helps in a big big way.
His buddy Vernon gives him an experimental drug (NZT) that allows him to use 100% of his brain.

Can you image being about to use 100% of your brain? & that's where the story takes place & I don't want to give it away but later I will discuss the ending and what I would do if I was able to use 100% of my brain…

When you watch the movie you’ll understand why I was confused. I mostly confused and how to use the pill; what he did with it and why he gave it to a drug dealer.  I think certain events in the movie happen and then they have a positive effect. Or when did he decide to do these things was he taking the pill or was he off the pill, etc.  So many questions, but so few answer.

the reason for the disappointment is because you'll probably feel like me.

But you have to remember if a fictional movie; if the pill really existed how would life be different for us?  be better? be worse?

Robert De Niro & Abbie Cornish are also in this movie and they really make the movie that much more exciting.  I love the movie from start to finish; but was just torn up about not being able to use my brain more or get my hands on that pill. 

More to Come.